Parasuco Jeans People for Peace Collection - Women's Jeans

PEOPLE FOR PEACE jeans are made from Selvage denim. The edges of the material are sealed closed during the weaving process creating a self edge. We honor the core craftsmanship creating jeans with only the best fabric in the world combined with modern fits; one classic five pocket style in three fits.

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We are the United Nations of Denim. Introducing Parasuco’s People for Peace collection for women. Delivering cosmopolitan chic to your wardrobe, this fashion-forward collection of designer quality jeans brings together some of the globe’s finest designer talent. Founded right here in metropolitan Montreal, our jeans embody designs from fashion specialists across the globe. Blending hi-tech, far eastern fashion from China and Japan with inspiration from our iconic Italian designers, our denim jeans represent unity for all. With further contributions from India and the United States, the People for Peace jeans provide women with an international look perfect for hitting the streets of Montreal, L.A, Rome and Tokyo. It’s time to make your mark on the world. Take your fashion global with a pair of People for Peace Jeans for women!