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The purchase or use of the E-GIFT CARD entails the acceptance of these terms and conditions, which have been made available to the customer upon purchase of the E-GIFT CARD at www.PARASUCO.com.

  1. The E-GIFT CARD (REGULAR) (hereinafter, the “E-GIFT CARD”) is the property of the issuer PARASUCO JEANS INC. (hereinafter, “PARASUCO” or “Issuer”). The initial value of the E-GIFT CARD or any cash balance thereon belongs to the holder of the E-GIFT CARD.

  2. The E-GIFT CARD can be purchased online at www.PARASUCO.com by using any of the means of payment accepted at www.PARASUCO.com. E-GIFT CARDs cannot be purchased using another E-GIFT CARD or any other types of e-gift cards offered by Parasuco.

  3. E-GIFT CARDs purchased on www.parasuco.com/en-ca/ can only be used on Canadian shipments. Likewise, E-GIFT CARDs purchased on www.parasuco.com/en-us/ can only be used on USA and International shipments. Please purchase the E-GIFT CARDs based off the recipient’s shipping location.

  4. The E-GIFT CARD should be treated like cash. E-GIFT CARDs are not redeemable, refundable or refundable for cash. The Issuer is not responsible for loss, theft or unauthorized use of the E-GIFT CARD. E-GIFT CARDs fraudulently obtained or used will not be honoured and will be cancelled.

  5. The outstanding balance of the E-GIFT CARD may be checked at www.PARASUCO.com. The outstanding balance on the E-GIFT CARD is not redeemable for cash, except where required by law.

  6. The E-GIFT CARD can be used as often as the holder would like, until the outstanding balance of the E-GIFT CARD reaches zero. The amount of each purchase will be deducted from the E-GIFT CARD and the remaining balance of the E-GIFT CARD can be used at any time for future purchases at www.PARASUCO.com. Where the purchase price of items is in excess of the outstanding balance on the E-GIFT CARD, the difference may be paid through any payment means accepted at www.PARASUCO.com.

  7. Items purchased with the E-GIFT CARD at www.PARASUCO.com shall be subject to the purchase terms and conditions including return policy as is applicable to items purchased from www.PARASUCO.com, which policy is available at www.PARASUCO.com.

  8. Where appropriate, refunds for items purchased with the E-GIFT CARD which are returned shall be made by PARASUCO by crediting the price of the returned product back onto the remaining balance of the E-GIFT CARD. However, where the E-GIFT CARD no longer exists upon return of the products, the price of such product shall be credited to a new E-GIFT CARD.

  9. The Issuer shall not be responsible for the non-receipt or the delay in receiving such E-GIFT CARD by its intended recipient for reasons beyond the issuer´s control.

  10. If a customer has misplaced an E-GIFT CARD, please visit www.PARASUCO.com and go to the E-GIFT CARD Section. Submit your email in the "You lost your number?" Section and Parasuco shall re-send it to a customer via email with the remaining balance.

  11. The E-GIFT CARD shall not be used for the purpose of advertising or promoting products or services marketed by any third party, unless prior written consent from the issuer is obtained.

  12. The Issuer may modify these terms and conditions without notice.

December 11, 2018 © Parasuco Jeans Inc. 2018

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